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How To Install A Domestic Water Softener Unit

A water softener comes in different designs and models. A standard softener device comprises of one or two tanks and a series of filters to trap calcium and magnesium salts. They’re generally installed in laundry rooms, garages, bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms to render salt-free water. In case you’ve recently purchased a new device and you’re finding it hard to mount it, why not accomplish this process on your own?

All you need to do is select a suitable location for installation and memorize the instructions to do this.

Here are some tips for installing a domestic water softener:

1)You must select a space that has easy access to drainage, water supply source and a power outlet. Once you locate a suitable region, you can install bypass valves. This valve is necessary for shutting off water supply to the softening unit while repairing it and must be joined with the inlet and outlet pipes. U-shape clips are used for connecting them.

2)Turn off the main water supply and get down to work. Use a pipe cutter to remove a small section of pipe from the cold water supply line. The eliminated section must be of the same dimensions as the distance between your valve ports. Now join the pipes with the valve using a solder.

3)Next, attach the risers to your main stub lines and make use of compression fittings and wrench to secure this arrangement. Thereafter, you can join a flexible drainage line to the drain outlet of your water softener. You must maintain sufficient air gap within it to prevent the backflow of water.

4)Install a resilient metal grounding belt between the main inlet and outlet. Now plug in the system and turn on the water supply. Allow your machine to refill before switching on the main power.

5)Fill the cleaning salt and tap water in the tank. Set your timer and start your water softener.

This is how you install and initiate the softening system.

Lastly, users must remember to check the salt quantity present in the tanks. Most tanks need to be refilled at least once in every month. If you clean your device after every 3 months as per the instructions mentioned in your manual, your water softener can last for as long as 20-25 years. If you’re not good at handling technical processes, you can always seek help from a professional. Sometimes, your softener manufacturing company offers this service at a fixed monthly charge.

Proper maintenance of Domestic Water Softeners will always render you clean water supply!

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